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The rudder of a ship

Parts of the boat rudder: Wick, guards, tiller and blade

The rudder is one of the fundamental pieces of a boat that is located in the stern behind the propeller, and thanks to its evolutionary action can maintain the course or vary it, that is, govern.

It consists of a flat surface called shovel either saffron which is moved by an axis
called wick. The hole through which the wick is inserted to join it to the cane or the wheel is called limera. When we govern with cane If you want the bow to fall to starboard, we will put the tiller to port, and to starboard if you want it to fall to port. If we govern with wheel If we turn it to port the bow will fall to port, and to starboard if we turn it to starboard, which is achieved in small boats by transmitting the movement from the wheel to an element attached to the rudder stock which by means of cables called guardians either garnishes perform the maneuver.

Are you interested in: Mooring and undocking maneuver

There are different types of rudders, of which it is worth highlighting the Ordinary, when the blade is completely at one end of the wick and the compensated when part of the blade is forward of the bit, and whose function is to reduce the effort by almost half.

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