Bridge Sailor Course

He deck sailor course certifies that the student has obtained theoretical and practical training that, together with the accreditation of the development of professional services during a semester of boarding, will allow him or her to direct commercial vessels of up to 10 meters in length with a maximum of 12 passengers.

With the professional title of deck sailor it is also possible work as a helmsman or lookout on civil ships, thus forming part of the navigation watch, except on fishing vessels.

The deck sailor certification is part of the so-called STCW courses, that is, those that are part of the training, certification and surveillance standards for the crew.

STCW Courses

GMDSS General Operator
Port Master
Professional Pattern (PPER)
Passenger Ships
Maritime Protection Training
Bridge Sailor
Advanced Fire Fighting
Fast Rescue Boats
Non-Fast Rescue Boats

What is the objective of the course?

The objective of the bridge sailor course is to train professional sailors in specific functions such as the following:

Course duration

To obtain the deck sailor certification, it is necessary to attend the course under the following conditions:

Reserve your place in the course Bridge Sailor

This course is available all year round but check with Anclademia for the closest available dates.

Who is the Bridge Sailor course for?

This course is aimed at all those people who wish complete STCW training What is the degree like? deck sailor.

This is an ideal practical theoretical course for those who wish to work as a helmsman or lookout, carrying out support tasks on merchant ships with a length of less than 10 meters in length, in inland waters and with a maximum of 12 passengers on the ship.

Professionals who wish to obtain the deck sailor certification must previously have the Basic Training degree in Maritime Safety, taught by an approved center.

To take this training it is necessary have reached the age of majority -or 16 years old if you go with authorization- and possess Spanish nationality or from any country belonging to the European Union.

Before obtaining the title of deck sailor, students must also pass a medical examination carried out by the Social Institute of the Navy, while to work with this training it is also essential that this document is valid, certifying the student's aptitudes for navigation.

At the same time, in order to carry out his duties as a deck sailor, it is necessary accredit the performance of services as a professional in navigation guards for two months, do so under the supervision of a qualified professional or demonstrate that the student is in an official internship period.

Finally, to carry out the functions attributable to the deck sailor, one must also obtain the Maritime Book, issued by the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy.

What is a deckhand?

A deckhand is a member of a ship's crew responsible for operating and maintaining the bridge, which is the ship's control center. Your responsibilities may include:

  1. Navigation: Assist in route planning and ensure the ship follows the planned route safely and efficiently. This involves the use of navigation equipment such as GPS, radar, nautical charts and other devices to determine the position and direction of the ship.

  2. Communication: Maintain communication with other vessels, port authorities and maritime traffic control through radio or other means of communication.

  3. Surveillance: Be alert to any possible danger in the water, such as obstacles, other vessels, adverse weather conditions, among others.

  4. Security: Ensure that all safety regulations on board are met, supervise the execution of docking and undocking maneuvers, and act as part of the response team in the event of an emergency.

  5. Record: Maintain detailed records of important activities and events during your watch shift, including changes in navigation, weather conditions, relevant communications, etc.

Price of the Bridge Sailor Course

Point Sailor Training

€ 495
  • 15 theoretical hours
  • 25 hours practice
  • Teaching materials
  • Student insurance

Frequent questions

How valid is the title of Bridge Sailor?

The title obtained by completing the deck sailor course does not have any expiration date upon its issuance, so it can be used for life.

Is it possible to take deck sailor training online?

By including a series of practical hours, at the moment there is no possibility of obtaining certification as a deck sailor online, but it is essential to attend the training in person.

What professional opportunities does the title of deck sailor have?

The main professional tasks that can be carried out after obtaining the deck seaman title are surveillance and safe guard services and the management of commercial vessels less than 10 meters in length that carry less than 12 passengers.

Is it necessary to attend all hours to obtain the title as a deck sailor?

When we talk about the 25 practical hours that the deck sailor training contains, attendance is mandatory, while in the case of the theoretical part, there is the possibility of missing a 10% of the 45 hours that the course includes.

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