Port Skipper Course

The port skipper title is one of the courses included in the training, certification and surveillance standards for the crew., known as STCW, and allows those who obtain it to plan and direct the ship on coastal voyages, guaranteeing the safety of passengers.

This training is useful for advance in learning to control the ship and care for the people who are on it. Furthermore, the port skipper course is an approved training course in Spain through which it is possible to develop certain professional functions.

Specifically, those who certify having completed the port skipper course may work as skipper on merchant ships, provided that the number of passengers does not exceed 150, that the navigations do not exceed 3 miles from the port and that the gross tonnage of the ship is less than 100 GT.

STCW Courses

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What is the objective of the course?

The objective of the port skipper course is to train students in the following functions:

Course duration

To obtain the deck sailor certification, it is necessary to attend the course under the following conditions:

Reserve your place in the course Port Master

This course is available all year round but check with Anclademia for the closest available dates.

Who is the Port Skipper course aimed at?

This training is indicated for students with some experience in navigation, since it requires certain knowledge prior to its completion, such as obtaining the Specialty Certificate in Basic Training in Maritime Safety.

In addition, it is also necessary to have carried out a minimum boarding period of one year in Spanish vessels with more than 100 kW of power and a minimum gross tonnage of 5 GT. A period in which a minimum of 6 months in the engine service and another 6 in the bridge service must also be certified.

On the other hand, to obtain the title of port skipper it is mandatory to present the maritime boarding medical examination -which must have been issued by the ISM (Social Institute of the Navy-, and have a minimum age of 20 years.

This is a training designed for those who wish to direct ships in the conditions indicated above, carrying out functions such as the management of extraction dredgers, boats and other beach vessels and fishing boats with a size of less than 12 meters in length.

On the other hand, they can also carry out professional functions in boats dedicated to maritime rescue, in tugboats and recreational shipyards, in natural parks or in nautical clubs, in addition to being in charge of transporting diving students to the points indicated for the dive. .

Price of the Port Skipper Course

Port Skipper Training

€ 760
  • 110 theoretical hours
  • 40 practical hours
  • Teaching materials
  • Student insurance

Frequent questions

How valid is the port skipper course?

Training as a port skipper is valid for 5 years from obtaining the title, although it can be renewed through the corresponding refresher course, with a shorter duration and a lower price.

Is it possible to take training as a port skipper online?

By including a series of practical hours, at the moment there is no possibility of obtaining certification as a port skipper online, but it is essential to attend the training in person.

How are the practices of the port skipper course developed?

The practical section in training as a port skipper consists of the development of different repair tasks, communication in English and handling of the vessel in various circumstances with emergency simulations, such as abandoning the ship, collision or man overboard, among others.

Is it necessary to attend all hours to obtain the title as a port skipper?

The 150 hours in which the port skipper course is carried out are mandatory attendance, although in the case of the theoretical part, it is possible to miss a 10% of the 110 training hours.

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