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Broaden your horizons with our comprehensive training in nautical and seamanship.

Maritime Practices

Gain real experience with maritime practices under the tutelage of expert captains.

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Take part in exciting events and regattas to apply your nautical skills.


Navigation School at the Port Olimpic of Barcelona

Anclademia is one of the nautical schools that you can find in the Port Olimpic of Barceloana. If you are looking for a quality teaching, with a strong commitment to the practical part; the best means to internalize all the knowledge you will need at sea; Theoretical and practical courses for all levels; Personalized advice and the best sea professionals as teachers.

In our training offer you will find recreational and professional qualifications, so that you can choose the most appropriate one based on your needs at all times.

Why choose Anclademia as your nautical school?

In-Person and Online Theoretical Classes

Choose the most appropriate ones for your situation.

Practices of

We adapt to your pace of life so that you can do the practical part when it best suits you.

Faculty Experience

Our teachers are professional skippers with many years of sailing behind them.

Installment Payment Methods

Choose the most appropriate ones for your situation.

Online Training Platform

With teaching materials, resources, tests, open 24 hours for you.

Improvement Practices

Do you want to continue improving your navigation technique? Exclusive or in Group

Navigation License

Basic course to obtain a navigation license.

PER Course

Pleasure Boat Skipper Course.

PNB Course

Basic Navigation Pattern Course.

Yacht Skipper Course

Boats with a maximum length of 24 meters


Recreational Nautical Courses in Barcelona

Our courses are designed to achieve the perfect balance between learn and enjoy. We offer instruction both in the water and on land, where our experienced instructors share their knowledge and techniques, we review the basic concepts of navigation and navigation safety. Likewise, our courses include classes on maritime law, basic maritime radio knowledge, astronomical navigation, GPS navigation, internet navigation, radar navigation, satellite navigation, and much more.


Professional Navigation Courses (STCW95)

Professional titles under the SCTW95 agreement are required to perform any professional work on board of a vessel, whether on one's own account or on behalf of another.

We offer a wide range of courses designed to meet standards most demanding in the naval industry, specifically under the framework of the SCTW95 convention. This international agreement is essential to guarantee the safety, efficiency and sustainability of the global maritime operations, establishing the minimum training, certification and guard requirements for the crew of the vessels.

Navigation Practices

In addition to the practices included in each degree, at Anclademia we have practical extension and improvement courses which you can choose if you need to put a little more emphasis on the practical part of navigation.

PER Internships

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Sailing Rating
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Improvement Practices

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Frequent questions

At Anclademia, training is offered to obtain different qualifications for the navigation of pleasure boats. In addition to different practical options for improving and expanding the powers of the PER.

In Anclademia you can obtain: Nagation License, Recreational Boat Skipper's License and Basic Navigation Skipper's License.

Our course offer also offers independent practical options for improving the navigation of motor and sailing vessels and for expanding the powers of the PER.

Anclademia has online options for all courses and facilities for carrying out the practical parts.

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