Advanced Course in Fire Fighting

He advanced course in firefighting, framed among the STCW courses -training, certification and surveillance standards for the crew-, trains those who obtain it for the prevention of fires on ships, as well as to carry out adequate and efficient action in the event that it happens, including the rescue of people.

In addition, students will learn to prepare and develop emergency plans for the management of this type of situation, which will also allow them direct firefighting operations aboard the vessel. Therefore, to obtain this certification, skills such as tactical, organizational and command skills are acquired.

Finally, those who take the advanced firefighting course will obtain sufficient knowledge to extinguishing fires from liquid, solid and gaseous fuels, as well as fires in electrical panels.

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What is the objective of the course?

The objective of the advanced course in firefighting is to train those who take it to perform the following functions:

Course duration

To obtain the advanced title in firefighting, it is necessary to complete the training under the following conditions:

Reserve your place in the course Advanced in Fire Fighting

This course is available all year round but check with Anclademia for the closest available dates.

Who is the Advanced Fire Fighting Course for?

This training is mainly indicated for crew members who among their assignments have duties and responsibilities in cargo equipment and the loading of tankers, as well as for captains and deck and engineering officers of merchant ships with a gross tonnage greater than 75 GT and fishing vessels more than 50 meters in length.

On the other hand, it is also a qualification required for tanker crew members who have the familiarization certificate for gas tankers or the familiarization certificate for oil and chemical tankers, in addition to those crew members who may intervene in emergency situations on the vessel.

To carry out the advanced course in firefighting, it is essential to be of legal age and have a valid identification document, in addition to have previously completed basic security training and that it has not expired.

Is about training approved by the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy, which includes it within the training, certification and surveillance standards for the crew, called STCW courses, so those who obtain the certificate must renew it every 5 years to maintain their training.

Price of the Advanced Course in Fire Fighting

Advanced Training in Fire Fighting

€ 390
  • 12 theoretical hours
  • 12 h practices
  • Teaching materials
  • Student insurance

Frequent questions

How long does the Advanced Fire Fighting course expire?

Like most STCW courses, this certificate is valid for 5 years, after which it will have to be renewed by completing the skills maintenance and updating course.

However, in this case there is the possibility of renewal before its expiration without having to resort to training, just by proving a minimum boarding of one year in the last five or three months in the last year.

Can the Advanced Fire Fighting course be done online?

By including a mandatory practical section - up to 50% of hours - the advanced course in firefighting does not allow it to be taken online, but must be carried out in person at nautical schools authorized to teach it.

What professional opportunities does obtaining the Advanced Fire Fighting course have?

This course is recommended for professionals who already carry out their duties in the maritime field, although it allows an extension of their duties on board, related to the prevention and extinguishing of fires and the rescue of people.

Is it mandatory to attend the Advanced Fire Fighting course to obtain this certificate?

As is usual in this type of training, to obtain the certificate it is only possible to skip the 10% theoretical classes, while the practical classes are entirely mandatory in person.

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