Basic Training in Maritime Protection

Basic maritime security training is a certificate essential to carry out professional work on ships or port facilities. It is not a title that qualifies the development of any maritime function by itself, but it is mandatory to have it to, in combination with other certifications, perform these tasks.

Therefore, the completion of this course It is mandatory for those who wish to be part of the crew of merchant ships, as long as they have not previously obtained the Ship Security Officer certificate, which already includes the learning offered in this training.

Basic maritime security training, which should not be confused with the so-called Basic Maritime Training, is part of the STCW courses, that is, the training, certification and surveillance standards for the crew. It is, therefore, a certificate approved and issued by the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy.

STCW Courses

GMDSS General Operator
Port Master
Professional Pattern (PPER)
Passenger Ships
Maritime Protection Training
Bridge Sailor
Advanced Fire Fighting
Fast Rescue Boats
Non-Fast Rescue Boats

What is the objective of the course?

The objective of basic training in maritime security lies in the qualification of students in the following aspects:

Course duration

To complete basic training in maritime security, it is necessary to complete the course under the following conditions:

Reserve your place in the Basic Training in Maritime Protection

This course is available all year round but check with Anclademia for the closest available dates.

Who is the Basic Training Course in Maritime Protection for?

This course in basic training in maritime training is intended for those people, of legal age - or with authorization for those over 16 years of age - and with a valid ID or passport, who want acquire the main skills to work on a ship, although by itself it is not enough for its application in the professional field.

It is, therefore, a necessary qualification for those ship crew who need also obtain the specialty certificate in protection of ships and port facilities, unless they previously have the ship security officer certificate.

And thanks to this course crew members will learn to collectively handle situations in which protection is required on board, from the identification of these circumstances, to their communication and participation in their development.

Its official status is international, since It is part of the training, certification and surveillance standards for the crew -STCW courses- and complies with the regulations in force in the organization that facilitates it, the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy.

Price of the Basic Training Course in Maritime Protection

Basic Training in Maritime Protection

€ 120
  • 12 theoretical hours
  • 12 h practices
  • Teaching materials
  • Student insurance

Frequent questions

How long does Basic Training in Maritime Protection expire?

Unlike the majority of training within the STCW courses, basic maritime security training does not have any expiration date, so its validity is indefinite.

Can Basic Maritime Protection Training be done online?

It is not possible to carry out the Basic Training in Maritime Protection online, since it includes two hours of practices that must be carried out.

What professional opportunities does Basic Training in Maritime Protection have?

By itself, Basic Maritime Protection Training does not offer the possibility of performing professional functions, but it is essential to take it to be able to work as a crew on any ship, since it teaches skills for the protection of the ship.

Is it mandatory to attend Basic Maritime Protection Training?

Given the brevity of the training, in this case it is not possible to miss the theoretical hours in 10%, since there are only six, nor, of course, the two hours of practical learning included in the course. Therefore, full in-person attendance is mandatory.

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