Yacht Captain Course in Barcelona

Obtain the title of Yacht Captain to acquire the maximum powers in the navigation of pleasure boats.

Course Description

Course to obtain the Yacht Captain Title

The yacht captain course will help you obtain the highest certification in recreational boats. At Anclademia we want to give you all the facilities for your training, that is why you can do the training in person at our facilities at the Port Olimpic in Barcelona or through our Online Yacht Captain option

Once the course is completed, you will be accredited for operate motor boats with a length of less than 24 meters and with a maximum of 6 passengers, and, always without geographical limits. It is important that you know that all recreational qualifications come with the option of sailing qualification to be able to extend the attribution to sailboats as well.

This degree is essential to expand your training in navigation and take one more step if you want to make the sea your profession by expanding your ability to offer services by taking the course. basic training (STCW).

If you decide to obtain this training, you can do so through our virtual classroom, where you will find the teaching material necessary for its completion and tests and exams to practice before evaluating yourself or through our face-to-face classes.

How to get the title of Yacht Captain

What is the objective of the course?

The objective of the yacht captain course is to train students to:

Course duration

The course is taught in person, without obligation and with the option of always accessing the virtual classroom.

Powers of the Yacht Captain

The Yacht Captain Title certifies you to navigate boats under a series of limitations and characteristics.


Motor boats maximum 24 meters in length


Aquatic bikes

Government of nautical motorcycles, within the specific navigation limits applicable to them

coast distance

Coast distance

Navigation without geographical limitations


Day and night navigation

Possibility of day and night navigation

Requirements to obtain the title of Yacht Captain

To obtain the title of Yacht Captain it is essential to be in possession of the title of Yacht Master.

exam per

Previous titles

To qualify for the title of Yacht Captain, you must have the PER and Yacht Skipper titles.

navigation practices


You must pass the corresponding exam and complete 48 hours of practice on the boat

radio practices

Radio Practices

Take the short-range radio operator course. If this course has already been taken it will not be necessary.

medical check

Medical check

A medical check-up like a driver's license

Who is the Yacht Captain course for?

The yacht captain course in Barcelona It is aimed primarily at personnel who have previously obtained the yacht skipper qualification., so that they can expand their knowledge and options when navigating a boat. In fact, it is not possible to receive this training without proving that you have previously completed yacht skipper training.

Beyond this requirement, The only thing you need to take the online yacht captain course is to present a valid identification document., whether passport, DNI or NIE. Otherwise, by passing the exam and carrying out the required number of practical hours, you will be in possession of this qualification.

This certificate It enables those who possess it to navigate ships without geographical limits., provided they comply with the requirements indicated above: no more than 24 meters in length and a maximum of 6 passengers. Furthermore, if the vessel is a ship, its gross tonnage must not exceed 3000 GT.

Yacht Captain Internship in Barcelona

Certifications for any recreational boat navigation title come with different complements to improve the powers that the title itself entails. For example, sailing qualification or professional certificates for the performance of the considered annexed qualifications.

Mandatory Practices

To obtain the online Yacht Skipper title you need, in addition to passing the theoretical part, which is what you can do remotely, complete the mandatory practices, either afterwards or at the same time.

  • 48 hours of Safety and Navigation Practices: of the total 48 hours, 12 of them have to be at night.

Sailing Rating

Like any recreational nautical title, if your desire is to be able to govern sailboats up to a maximum of 24 meters, you must carry out some complementary practices. which also enables navigation without geographical limits.

  • 16 practical hours of sailing¬†

Do you want to perform professional functions with the title yacht captain?

Holders of the titles of yacht captain, yacht skipper and pleasure boat skipper may be authorized to perform some professional services. The requirement to be able to perform these services is to have completed the basic security training course on training standards, approved by the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy.

  • Provide supply transportation services, carried out using pleasure boats and jet skis, to other boats or pleasure vessels.
  • Carry out docking, anchoring, towing or moving pleasure boats
  • Carry out sea trials of pleasure boats and jet skis.
  • Management of boats intended for lifeguarding on beaches.
  • Skipper pleasure boats transporting up to 6 passengers for tourist excursions and recreational fishing

The boats used will always be those authorized according to the recreational nautical title. The authorizations to carry out this service will be always within the internal maritime waters and the Spanish territorial sea up to a maximum distance of five miles from the port, marina, marina or beach of departure.

PRO Yacht Captain Pack ‚ā¨2,780

PER + Yacht Skipper + Yacht Captain + STCW

This pack is the best option to obtain all the qualifications you need to develop your professional career at sea, as it includes all the qualifications and practices necessary to obtain the professional powers of Yacht Captain:

  • Motor Practices
  • night practices
  • Sailing Practices
  • Radio Practices
  • Test + Exams
  • Online and in-person classes
  • Sure
Yacht Captain Course in Anclademia

Prices for Yacht Captain Courses + Internships

Yacht Captain Course

(PER and Yacht Skipper required)
  • Access to the Virtual Classroom
  • Online Theory + In-Person Classes
  • Test and Exams
  • Review Classes
  • Practices included motor
  • Radio Practices
  • Student Insurance

Yacht Captain Pack

PER + Yacht Skipper
  • Access to the Virtual Classroom
  • Online Theory + In-Person Classes
  • Test and Exams
  • Teaching materials
  • Review Classes
  • Mandatory included internships
  • Mandatory Radio Practices
  • Student Insurance (internships)

Yacht Captain PRO

Yacht Captain + Basic Training
  • Access to the Virtual Classroom
  • Online Theory + In-Person Classes
  • Test + Exams
  • Teaching materials
  • Review Classes
  • Mandatory included internships
  • Mandatory Radio Practices
  • Student Insurance (Internships)

Frequent questions

While is true that Theoretical training does not require stipulated mandatory attendance, yes it is necessary to carry out and pass a theoretical exam, for which it is highly recommended to attend this course. In the case of navigation practices, there are 48 mandatory hours on yachts - 12 of them overnight - and 16 complementary on sailing boats.

You can do the theoretical part at the nautical school that Anclademia has in the Port Olimpic of Barcelona or attend the classes online. Likewise, we have different boats in which to carry out the practical part to obtain your degree as soon as possible.

In principle, the yacht captain certificate, regardless of whether it is obtained in person or remotely, never expires, but it must renew the optional card to use the title, which is valid for 10 years from the moment it was obtained.

To obtain the title of Yacht Captain, you must have the PER and Yacht Skipper qualifications.

At Anclademia we have different types of courses, depending on the qualifications you need:

  • Solo Yacht Captain
  • Yacht Captain + Yacht Skipper, if you already have the PER
  • Yacht Captain + PER + Yacht Skipper, if you do not have any previous qualifications
  • Yacht Captain + PER + Yacht Skipper + SCTW95 if you want your title to be professional

The exam will consist of 40 multiple choice questions that are formulated independently of each other, with four possible answers each. Its maximum duration is 2 and a half hours. The exam will be corrected using a double assessment criterion:

  • At least 28 questions must be answered correctly, with a maximum of 3 errors in navigation theory and a maximum of 5 in the navigation chart.
  • Each module must be approved independently.

At Anclademia we have different boats in which you can do the practical part to obtain your degree as soon as possible. Remember that you can do the practices in parallel to studying the theoretical part, so that, once this is approved, you can obtain the degree much more quickly.

If you have already passed the exam, you must present the following documentation to request the title:

  • Title application duly completed
  • Proof of payment of fees
  • Psychotechnical certificate
  • Certificate of completion of the Yacht Captain practices carried out

Although, as in all jobs, it will always depend on aspects such as experience, those who dedicate themselves to carrying out their professional duties as yacht captains usually earn salaries of between 2,000 and 8,000 euros gross per month approximately.

Recreational Nautical Courses

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