Obtain the title of pleasure boat skipper Online with our Virtual Classroom. Online training from home adapted to your availability; tests and exams, practices from the first day.

motor practice

Online Pleasure Boat Skipper Course

Through the PER online course you can obtain the title of Recreational Boat Skipper remotely, without having to travel to the school to take classes and studying at your own pace, adapting the course to your needs and schedules.

To make it easy for you to prepare for the exam, we provide you with all the teaching material you need, in addition to the constant support of one of the school's tutors, who will be at your disposal to resolve any doubts that may arise as you progress through the exam. syllabus.

Besides, You can combine the theoretical part with the regulatory practices: You do not have to pass the exam to do the practice, but you can organize yourself however you prefer. At Anclademia we offer you two different options, so you can choose the one that best suits you:

  • You can choose between the times available for normal practices at the Port Olimpic in Barcelona until you complete the 16 hours required by the title.
  • You can choose to sail to the Balearic Islands and thus expand the powers of your PER title.

Powers of the PER

The Recreational Boat Skipper card gives you permission to navigate boats under a series of limitations and characteristics.

15 meters

Motor boats maximum 15 meters in length

maximum power gnp


The power limit is indicated by the boat


Aquatic bikes

Jet skis of any power

coast distance

Coast distance

Navigation up to 12 miles from the coast


Day and night navigation

Possibility of day and night navigation

Requirements to Obtain the PER

What requirements do we need to pass to obtain the PER?

exam per

Theoric exam

Pass a theoretical exam of 45 multiple choice questions

radio practices

Radio Practices

Perform 12 hours of radio in a simulator

navigation practices

Navigation Practices

Carry out 16 hours of practice on the boat

medical check

Medical check

A medical check-up like a driver's license


To obtain the PER online degree you need, in addition to passing the theoretical part, which is what you can do remotely, complete the mandatory practices, either afterwards or at the same time.

  • Safety and Navigation Practices: you must carry out a total of 16 hours of navigation on motor boats, which can be organized into two 8-hour outings or 4 4-hour outings.
  • Short-range radio operator course, which consists of 12 hours, divided between 4 hours of theory and 8 hours of practice in a simulator. In addition, this course is valid for all higher degrees, so you only have to do it once.
practice PER online

FAQ PER Online Course

Once registered for the course you will receive the access codes to the virtual classroom where you will find the necessary notes and syllabus, tests like those of the official exam to practice, we will give you 2 nautical charts and the angle protractor so that you can perform the nautical chart exercises.

You can start the course once you have registered, from the first moment you will have access to all the classes as well as everything you need to get started.

It directly depends on how many hours you can dedicate to studying the syllabus each day. The Generalitat calls the exam every month and one month is a reasonable period of time with appropriate dedication.

The exam to obtain the PER title is made up of 45 multiple choice questions, which must be solved in a maximum of 1 and a half hours. To pass, you must make no more than 13 errors, taking into account that a total of:

  • 5 Regulation errors.
  • 2 Beacon errors.
  • 2 errors in navigation chart exercises.

At Anclademia we provide you with everything to adapt to your time needs in the Port of Barcelona.

PER Online Course Prices

PER Motor Course

In-person + Internships
  • Virtual Classroom Access
  • Online Theory + In-Person Classes
  • Test and Exams
  • Review Classes
  • Practices included motor (16 hours)
  • Radio Practices (12 hours)
  • Student Insurance
  • Teaching materials

PER Online Course

Online + Internships
  • Virtual Classroom Access
  • Online Theory
  • Test and Exams
  • Review Classes
  • Practices included motor (16 hours)
  • Radio Practices (12 hours)
  • Student Insurance

Expanded PER Course

Motor Rating, Sailing + Balearic Islands
  • Virtual Classroom Access
  • Online Theory
  • Practices included motor (16 hours)
  • Sailing Practice + Balearic Islands (48 hours)
  • 48 hours of sailing practice + Balearic Islands
  • Radio Practices (12 hours)
  • Student insurance

Recreational Nautical Courses

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Course to obtain the title of recreational boat skipper


Course to obtain the title of Yacht Skipper


Course to obtain the title of Yacht Captain

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