Initial Specific Health Training Course

Theoretical and practical training to achieve the minimum requirements in first aid and basic nursing techniques to be able to provide reliable help in circumstances of accidental accident, work-related accident or illness of a colleague on board the vessel.

The professional maritime course is a training regulated by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine with the objective that the professional acquires the necessary knowledge before accidents and unexpected events at sea.

He Specific Santiraia Training Course It is one of the professional certifications necessary for qualifications such as the Professional Recreational Skipper (PPER) and the Port Skipper qualification.

What is the objective of the course?

The objective of the course is to train the student with the necessary training to be able to solve basic situations.

Course duration

The objective of the course is to train the student with the necessary training to be able to solve basic situations.

Reserve your place in the course Specific Health Training

This course is available all year round but check with Anclademia for the closest available dates.

To whom is the Initial Specific Health Training ?

The course is aimed at all personnel who require mandatory possession of the Specialty Certificate in Initial Specific Health Training.

Personnel who want to obtain the PPER and to all officers in charge of the engine room watch, and to the Captains, Skippers and Officers who have to be in charge of the navigation watch on vessels required to carry the First Aid Kit C according to the provisions of Royal Decree 258/1999, of February 12.

In addition, an Initial Specific Health Training course is important to prepare workers in situations where a medical service is not immediately available.

In maritime environments it is important to be prepared to provide emergency medical care in the event of an injury or illness.

Students will learn the minimum requirements for first aid, such as how to administer CPR, manage an injury, and provide care to a person with an injury or illness. Some basic nursing techniques will also be covered, such as medication and monitoring vital signs.

The course can be both theoretical and practical, with a focus on the acquisition of practical skills and knowledge that can be applied in emergency situations.

This includes participation in simulations and practical exercises so that participants can put their skills into practice and develop the confidence necessary to handle emergency situations effectively.

Syllabus of the Initial Specific Health Training course

  • Health resources module for seafarers
  • Structure and functions module of the human body
  • Patient Examination Module
  • Asphyxiation and cardiac arrest module
  • Bleeding module
  • Shock module
  • Wounds and burns module
  • Hypothermia module
  • Trauma, rescue and transport module
  • Poisoning module on board
  • Work accidents and illnesses module
  • Individual and collective hygiene module
  • Medication administration module
  • Radio medical consultation module

Price of the STCW Initial Specific Health Training Course

Specific Health Training

‚ā¨ 349
  • 11 theoretical hours
  • 11 hours practice
  • Teaching materials
  • Student insurance

Frequent questions

How valid is the Specialty Certificate in Specific Initial Health Training?

The Specialty Certificate in Initial Specific Health Training will be valid for 5 years and will contain the expiration date.

Does the basic maritime safety training certificate expire?

The Basic Maritime Safety Training certificate is valid for 5 years, after that date you will have to renew it.

Do I have to renew the certificate before it expires?

Before the Initial Specific Health Training Specialty Certificate expires, an 8-hour Refresher Course must be completed. Once the certificate expires, you will have to take the entire course again.

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