Sailing Qualification Practices

Practical course to obtain the sailing qualification for PER, PNB, Skipper and Yacht Captain titles 

Practical Sailing Qualification Course

Would you like to complement your nautical qualification with the knowledge necessary to govern sailboats?

The sailing qualification course consists of 16 hours of navigation practices and, unlike the specific internship programs for each nautical degree, it is common to all degrees, so you will only have to do it once.

It is the perfect complement to the titles PNB (Basic Navigation Skipper), PER (Recreational Boat Skipper), Yacht Skipper and Yacht Captain, whose powers it expands

you practice navigation

Why do I need the Sailing authorization?

When you obtain any of the recreational boat titles such as the PNB, PER, Skipper or Yacht Captain, all the powers of each title allow you govern only motor boats, Therefore, sailing qualification practices are necessary if your objective is to be able to navigate sailing boats.

Get the sailing qualification

Requirements to Obtain the Sailing Rating

In order to take the sailing qualification course, it is necessary that you have previously obtained one of the following navigation titles:

Do you know all the parts of a sailboat?

PER Course

Pleasure Boat Skipper Course.

ITB pleasure boats

PNB Course

Basic Navigation Pattern Course.

What does the PPER course consist of?

Yacht Skipper Course

You will govern boats with a maximum length of 24 meters and sail up to 150 miles from the coast.ento.

Yacht Captain Course

You will govern larger vessels (up to 24 meters) with no maximum distance to the coast.

Once you have obtained the certificate that certifies your sailing qualification, it will continue to be valid even if you obtain a higher qualification.

What are the Vela qualification practices like?

The content of sailing qualification practices is regulated by the RD 875/2014, of October 10. The program includes:

  • 4 hours of sailing theory.
  • Rigging, sails, hardware and appendages.
  • Sailing maneuvers I, II, and III.
  • Advanced sailing maneuvers.
  • Security maneuvers.
  • Sailing safety.

Practices must always be led by a professional employer and to overcome them no need to take an exam: The nautical school will issue, at the request of the course instructors, a certificate that the student has passed the practices and internalized the necessary knowledge.


Nautical Courses + Sailing Qualification

Do you want to obtain the sailing qualification certificate and you still do not have any nautical qualification? At Anclademia we offer you the opportunity to obtain the sailing certificate at the same time as other navigation qualifications.

Do you know all the parts of a sailboat?

PER + Candle

Allows sailing boats up to 15 meters in length to navigate at a maximum distance of 12 miles from the coast:

  • PER course (theory and exam)
  • Mandatory PER internships
  • Sailing practices
  • Sure
* Price €580

ITB pleasure boats

GNP + Sail

Allows sailing boats up to 8 meters in length to navigate at a maximum distance of 5 miles from the coast:

  • Theoric exam
  • Mandatory radio and navigation practices
  • Sailing practices
  • Sure

Can the PER be obtained for free?

Yacht + Sail Skipper

It allows sailing ships up to 24 meters in length to navigate at a maximum distance of 150 miles from the coast:

  • Yacht Skipper Course (theory and exam)
  • Mandatory internships
  • Sailing practices
  • Medical check
* You must have the PER title

Yacht Captain + Sailing

It allows sailing boats up to 24 meters in length with no limit to the distance to the coast:

  • Yacht Captain Course (theory and exam)
  • Mandatory internships
  • Sailing practices
  • Sure
* You must have the PER and Yacht Skipper titles

All our courses include a maximum of 6 students, which guarantees that you will take full advantage of the training.

Sailing Qualification Course Prices

Complete PER Course

Balearic Islands + Sailing Qualifications
  • Access to the Virtual Classroom
  • Online Theory + In-Person Classes
  • Test and Exams
  • Review Classes
  • Student Insurance
  • Motor practices (16 h)
  • Radio Practices (12 hours)
  • Sailing Practice + Balearic Islands (48 hours)

Sailing Qualification Course

In-person + Internships
  • Theory + Practice (by boat)
  • Sailing Practice (16 h)
  • Student Insurance
  • Weekend
  • Small groups

PER + SAILING course

PER course (SAIL qualification)
  • Access to the Virtual Classroom
  • Online Theory + In-Person Classes
  • Test + Exams
  • Teaching materials
  • Review Classes
  • Sailing Practices (4 p.m.)
  • Radio Practices (12 hours)
  • Student Insurance (Internships)

Navigation Practice Modalities

If you choose our school to carry out your sailing qualification practices, you can choose between any of the two modalities that we put at your disposal:

Group practices

You will share sailing practices on a sailboat with a maximum of 5 other students.

Private Practices

If you choose this option, you will be able to enjoy the sailboat and the skipper exclusively for yourself, which will allow you to do all the exercises yourself, without sharing time and resources with other students.

transfer from title to navigation license

Why obtain the Anclademia Sailing Rating?

Carrying out sailing qualification practices with Anclademia has many advantages:

Furthermore, once you have obtained your sailing qualification, you will be able to take improvement courses with which to improve your sailing skills, both individually and in groups, with students of the same level as you.


If you are looking for a nautical school in which to carry out sailing qualification practices, we recommend that you take into account the following tips:

Frequent questions

Although we offer sailing qualification practices throughout the year, the best period to do them is outside the summer season, since sea and wind conditions are usually more conducive to sailing.

To obtain the sailing qualification certificate, you must complete 16 hours of practice on a sailboat, usually on a weekend, distributed over 8 hours on Saturday and 8 hours on Sunday, although we can evaluate other options, depending on your availability.

If you prefer, you can choose the course Sailing Qualification + Balearic Islands, which is carried out in a sailing regime and during which you will also practice night navigation, obtaining the powers to govern a boat between the Peninsula and the Islands.

Once you have the sailing privileges, you can do one of our training courses to improve your navigation technique and achieve greater ease at sea.

During the sailing qualification practices you will learn to prepare and set up the sails, wind directions, how to optimize tacking and jibing maneuvers, sail trimming, man overboard and anchoring maneuvers, how to reef the sails, rules of passage, knots and coastal navigation, among other concepts.

Do you have any other questions about the internship?

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