1.2.- STRUCTURE1.2.1.- Keel, stem, sternpost, frames, beams, gunwale, gunwale, bulkheads, plan and bilge a) Keel: it is a longitudinal piece of iron, wood or fiber that goes from bow to stern in the lower part of the hull (fig.1.11), ending in the stem and stern respectively. It can be considered the backbone of the helmet itself as it is the base... Read more

Total correction

10.7.- TOTAL CORRECTION 10.7.1.- Definition It is the angle that the needle north forms with true north. That is, it is equal to the algebraic sum of the dm and the deviation. Ct = dm + őĒ 10.7.2.- Calculation from the declination and deviation Once the magnetic declination (dm) is known, through the chart, ‚Ķ Read more

Position lines in Navigation

position lines in navigation

To be an expert in navigation you have to acquire endless knowledge. Coastal navigation is difficult for the navigator, as he must constantly remain precisely positioned on the chart. Although today the precision of electronic devices has favored navigation, there are very effective methods to obtain... Read more