Navigation License in Barcelona

A day course to get a license without taking an exam


Basic course to obtain a navigation license in Barcelona

The Navigation License is an official basic certificate which substitutes the previous “Titulin”.

It is a license which is easy to obtain and it doesn't require taking a test. One just has to listen to a 2-hour theory course and have a 4-hour practical afterwards. As you can see it is a very convenient and simple to acquire license

Having approved the probation of RD 238/2019 the license enables holders to drive aquatic bikes without a power limit which in turn could be used to tow aquatic skis or floating artefacts for recreational or sporting use.

Navigation License (€150)

No theory exam

For less than 200 euros you will get your Navigation license to enjoy the sea this summer!

Next, please find a calendar attached to choose the date to get your License within just 6 hours! Contact us to reserve your date before the month is fully booked.

  • Theory (2 hours)
  • Practice (4 hours)
  • Taxes included
young man steering a boat

What is the navigation course like?

The course consists of 2 parts: theory (2 hours) and practice (4 hours) which are performed aboard a sailboat. The school also provides students with manuals for reviewing the theoretical part back home.
  • Basic navigation knowledge
  • Preparations before setting off to the sea
  • Security information
  • Actions in case of emergency
  • Docking/undocking basic knowledge
  • Selection of the appropriate place for anchoring
  • Right-of-way of sea transport
  • Orientation in the sea and routing
  • Calculation of distance and fuel consumption
  • Communications
  • Tying boating knots

Attributes of the Navigation License

Navigation license gives you permission to sail boats or jet skis under a number of limitations and characteristics. This license used to be known as TitulĂ­n, a certificate that is no longer issued. The Navigation License extends the attributes of the TitulĂ­n

Maximum length

6 meters

Sail and -motor boats up to a maximum of 6 meters in length

maximum power

No power limit

The power limit restrictions depend on the mode of sea transport


Aquatic bikes

The license allows you to ride aquatic bikes of all types

coast distance

2 mile maximum distance

The license allows you to sail 2 miles maximum from the coast

Daytime navigation

It is only allowed to navigate during the day

Don't wait any longer, contact us to get practice and obtain your Navigation License!

Requirements for the navigation license

If you are interested in obtaining a Navigation License, here are the necessary requirements to be able to obtain it legally:

Be of Legal Age

Minors under the age of 16 can also obtain a license, but only with the consent of their parents or guardians.

medical certificate

The medical examination for the accreditation of the certificate must be carried out, as with the driving license.

No Exam

You don't need to pass any exams to obtain your sailing license at our school in Barcelona.

Take a theory course

The duration of the course is 2 hours and it must be given in an authorized nautical school like ours.

Basic safety and sailing practice

The duration of the practical course is 4 hours and must be done in an authorized sailing school like ours.

At Anclademia, we provide you with all the facilities you need to obtain your sailing license in the port of Barcelona. We have a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in teaching sailing, and we also have all the necessary resources so that you can practice in the best conditions and safely.

Course calendar

This is the timetable for obtaining a sailing license in Barcelona. All departures will be from Port Olimpic and will last 6 hours.


  • Choose comfortable clothes corresponding to the weather conditions. Check the forecast in advance!
  • Bring water and snacks aboard
  • Don't forget to use sun screen throughout the day.
  • Be punctual, this way the course will start on time and will develop according to the plan.

Renewal of TitulĂ­n

If you have already been previously issued with a Title, you can validate it with the new Navigation License. Everything you need to do:


navigation practices
Have 4 hours of practice aboard


theory classes
Submit your valid ID


medical check
Present a corresponding medical certificate

Frequently asked questions


A step from TitulĂ­n to Navigation License

In 2014 TitulĂ­n was nullified and was replaced by the Navigation License. Taking into consideration the differing requirements, a 4-hour practice in order to obtain the new license is needed.

transfer from title to navigation license

Medical certificate: what is it and how can I get it?

The medical certificate guarantees that the applicant does not suffer from any diseases and does not have any limitations which are incompatible with the governmental requirements. A medical check is very similar to the psychotechnical driving test.

To obtain a Medical Certificate one needs to make an appointment at the Driver Recognition Center for taking a coordination and reflexes test.

Yacht Captain

Other Questions

The price of the navigation license is usually between 100 and 200 euros depending on the sailing school. At Anclademia we currently have a sailing license on offer at a price of 150 euros (all classes are in English)

This price includes the theory part and the practical part in 6 hours. This price also includes the compulsory fees.

It is not necessary to take any theoretical or practical test or exam. To obtain a sailing license in Barcelona you only need to take a course consisting of 2 hours of theory and 4 hours of practice.

The sailing license and the “Titulín” are not exactly the same thing, but they are very similar. The “Titulín” was a Federative Authorization granted by the sailing and motorboat federations, and it allowed sailing in small boats with certain limitations in terms of engine power. However, with the entry into force of Royal Decree 875/2014, the “Titulín” ceased to be issued and was replaced by the Sailing License.

Although the Navigation License has some different attributions to those of the “Titulín”, both are permits with fewer limitations than other recreational nautical qualifications.

With a Navigation license you can operate any watercraft without power restrictions, just as you can with a boat.

The navigation license, unlike other nautical titles, is the only official title that does not expire.

The sailing license in Spain is a document that certifies that a person has successfully completed a basic sailing training course. This license is issued to those who want to sail pleasure craft up to 6 meters in length and with an engine power of up to 15 hp.

The sailing license allows the holder to sail in inland and coastal waters, provided that the above-mentioned length and power limitations are respected. In addition, it also allows the holder to rent and drive jet skis.

It is important to note that the navigation license is not the same as the recreational boat skipper's license (PER), which allows the holder to sail larger and more powerful vessels in inland and coastal waters. However, the sailing license is an ideal option for those who want to get started in sailing and enjoy water activities in small and simple boats.

With the navigation license you will be able to sail in other countries outside Spain, as long as that country recognizes the validity of the recreational license. This title is normally recognized in most European countries, but there may be exceptions.

To sail a boat you need an official certificate, depending on the characteristics of the boat it can go from the Navigation License, which is the most basic certificate, to the PER, which is a more advanced certificate.

In order to sail a boat with a sailing license, the boat must be no more than 6 meters in length and have an engine with a maximum unlimited power according to the manufacturer. If you want to sail a sailing boat, the maximum length is 6 meters.

The training received in the Sailing License course does not validate any syllabus or subject for other qualifications, unlike what happens with the PNB and the PER, which share some content and do allow part of it to be validated. If you obtain the Navigation License and then decide to obtain a higher qualification, such as the PatrĂłn BĂĄsico or PatrĂłn de Recreo, you will have to complete the course and the practical training corresponding to that qualification in its entirety.

Recreational Boating Courses

Do you want to acquire more knowledge and obtain different attributes for your boat?


Course to obtain the title of Recreational Boats Skipper


Course to obtain the title of Basic Navigation Skipper


Course to obtain the title of Yacht Captain

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